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Saturday, 29 June 2013

D'you wanna be in my gang?

Hello! What a lovely summer's day it's been. Did I tell you the sun always shines in Scunthorpe? What we lack in culture we make up for in ultraviolet light. My daughter's friend stayed over last night. She's called Tanya and, like Connie, they are both eight years old. This morning they dashed into my bedroom to show me Tanya's new favourite song:-
La La La by Naughty Boy
I really like the story in the pop video. Does one still call it a  "pop video"? Anyway, we all felt for the boy because it's like he's done nothing wrong but his parents are having a right go at him for no reason. As he escapes and heads for the desert he comes across other misfits like him. They soon join him and, together, they find safety. Tanya said she feels like that boy sometimes in the playground at school when she's alone and nobody will play with her. I said that must be hard and sometimes even grown ups can feel like that too; playground politics carries on long after school's out. We all agreed that it's OK to be different and we can play our own games together instead. Then Tanya asked for some chalk and set to work on our patio:-

She invented this game called "Target". What you do is you stand in a box and throw a tennis ball into a circle chalked on the wall. If it lands inside the circle then you score ten points. Once you get twenty points you stand in the next box, further away, and so on until you win. I was rubbish at it but my son, Frank, was good.

You can't really see but Frank is wearing a "South Park" tie that his Dad got for his birthday; but he gave it to Frank coz Frank loves the programme so much. Frank is ten years old. There are lots of TV programmes "unsuitable" for kids that kids love aren't there? Well, after a morning of "Target", we were quite worn out so the girls had to eat lots of chocolate to recover. Now my husband, Pete, is walking the dog and he's just phoned to tell me we've been invited to a barbecue and there is a hot tub there. I must confess I feel a little middle class. Is this really the Scunthorpe way? I may need to bring my tennis ball and chalk just to "keep it real".

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