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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Coz Scunthorpe's Where It's At

My family and I have spent a lovely Sunday afternoon in Scunthorpe town centre at the "Big Sky Festival". It's a celebration of the arts and creative talent in North Lincolnshire and included graffiti artists, singers, dancers, silk printers, musicians, and jewellery makers. It took place at the Baths Hall which was said to be John Peel's favourite venue. These days the recently rebuilt theatre attracts the likes of Psychic Sally, Paul Daniels and Jimmy Carr (yawn) at £25 a ticket. Nice therefore to have local talent for local people and all for free. There was even no charge for this face painting which Connie thought was the best she'd ever had done.
Pete and I did a little poetry cabaret performance in the foyer which, I have to confess, wasn't our finest hour. Spoken word hasn't quite arrived in Scunthorpe yet. It's not like we confused the audience, well, what audience there was. It was actually a little amusing that the majority were suddenly absorbed in their mobile phones, the remainder appearing half dead or bored senseless. Still, onwards we plough! A few showed up for my poetry workshop afterwards which was both a surprise and a delight.

I recorded a poem last year on the main stage at the Baths Hall, the staff there were incredibly accommodating. It's called "My Microphone, My Rules" and goes a little something... this

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