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Friday, 5 July 2013

Gaffer me up Gaffer!

Happy Friday to you! Are you watching the tennis? I'm getting a little excited that Andy Murray might do it this year. The way he fought back from that handsome Frenchman was simply "amazing". And then yesterday that charming German player Lisicki, unrelenting in her lengthy ball battle against that glorious Pole who was strapped up to her armpits in gaffer tape. There's a lot of body tape; particularly around the thighs, going on at Wimbledon this year isn't there? There's a club in Scunthorpe where dancers rock a similar fashion - without the tennis skirts - but it's usually only on Friday nights after 12pm.

My son and I have spent the past couple of evenings in the park "playing tennis". I use "quotation marks" because it's more a case of whacking a ball around a slab of concrete then anything resembling a professional sport. We're not spoilt for choice when it comes to tennis courts up our end and my son doesn't play tennis at all at school. I'm a bit sad about that because it's a sport I've always loved and played a lot as a child. As I grew up there was always talk that, in order to rear tennis champions of the future, more needed to be done to support the game in schools and local communities. What's it like where you are? Of course "we" (Scotland) has managed to rear an absolute dime in the form of Andy Murray but then the secret of his success was that he buggered off abroad as soon as he could in order to get some decent tennis training.

Anyway, good luck to Andy for today, I'll be watching and I look forward to the various facial expressions of his girlfriend that will no doubt make front page news in the tabloids tomorrow. Poor thing! It's funny isn't it what one perceives as newsworthy and how the "fame game" works. There cannot be anyone less fame grabbing than Andy Murray; a man who courts the media surely less than any other tennis player in history. I admire him for that; it's his talent that does the talking.

Conversely dears, my alter ego demands attention! My husband, Pete, and I  have a little cottage industry in musical performance poetry and film. It's going so well we might be able to buy a tin of spam with our earnings soon. We're both slightly longer in the tooth these days, so we can't afford to mess around. Fame does so often seem to be the domain of the young and beautiful doesn't it? So we've conducted various experiments to try and break the mold; with limited success to date it has to be said.

Our most recent attempt sees me (held together by gaffer tape) in half-a-skintight-onesie. Well, if you're going to be a Scunthorpe Housewife, you may as well do it with panache. Have a lovely weekend dears and to view, please click on the link below...

Because every housewife needs to wear gold lyrca once in a while...

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