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Friday, 15 November 2013

Britain's Got Talent

D'ya know, there are so many talented people in Britain that when you queue up to audition for that programme on the telly you have to wait forever. Here's Connie twizzling beads as she sat waiting in line for the Manchester auditions of Britain's Got Talent.

 You may be able to tell that Connie is dressed as a hippy from the sixties. In fact she went as a nine year old Janis Joplin and she sang "Piece of My Heart", a tune she'd picked up in our local pub at the open mic. Even once we got past the registration desk, we had to sit around for ages. Luckily there was so much talent in the (crammed) room the size of Belgium  that we were brilliant at  jumping on chairs and waving madly at cameras. Even if it weren't under strict instruction from students with walkie talkies, we'd have done it anyway, because we were having such a fun time. Connie was "made up" when a scouse girlie dance troupe starting busting some moves on the practice stage. There was also this great lad tap dancer and a DJ with a "Doggy Disco" and two cute mutts who attempted to boogie in time with the music. It all helped pass the time and I guess it's no wonder we had to wait bearing in mind Connie's number in the queue....

OK, proud Mum moment here....Connie was super in the audition. She sang her heart out and then took it square on the chin when she was told she hadn't got through. She has a fab voice and she is driven to push herself and apply, off her own back (already), for things like this. She says she's coming back next year with her own troupe of dancers for which she's holding auditions in January.

Janis Joplin, Manchester 2013
Connie singing on You Tube....

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