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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Me and Him "on tour"

Pete and I are home from East Sussex; three nights spent in our campervan in a field in Lancing WITHOUT our kids. We had a double bed each and we ate chocolate biscuits all day whilst watching back-to-back DVDs. Then by night, I applied Pete's guy-liner, shoved cotton wool down the central crevice of my bra (it's one of those proper woman wire-ones; kills my chicken ribbed chest everytime) and off we drove to perform our show at the Fringe Festival down the road in Brighton!
Come On!
We love Brighton. I kept confusing it with my home town coz everyone's really friendly and sexy and nice and up for a good time. We performed our show in this groovy little theatre; the upstairs room of the venue "Three and Ten" right in the centre of town near the pier. I decided, when in Rome, and did the full Ziggy Stardust...

"You Got Your Mother In A Whirl...."
Afterwards, back in the campervan, Pete and I made this pact to keep living the dream and we secured our promise with a hob nob followed by a really good film starring John Cusack. It is, afterall, too easy to let the good life slip through your fingers for something more ordinary and expected. For something like a digestive biscuit perhaps or a Dorothy Perkin's suit. I started performing poetry after realising that I was entirely unsuited to ordinary. It was pretty much around the same time Pete started playing the piano.

A man possessed by
'breast-loving word vomit'
Did you hear about Pete's "titties" outburst? It's with thanks to Broadway Baby that the hissing of word babble from this normally taciturn, hen-pecked pianist was noted.  Click on the link below:-

The Shallow Depths - Brighton Fringe Review

Thanks Brighton, maybe the south isn't so bad afterall.